Champagne Pommery

Verde is proud to have Pommery as a brand partner serving the finest Champagne of France in our Sydney restaurant.

Champagne Pommery is a Champagne house located in Reims, France. The house was founded as Pommery & Greno in 1858 by Alexandre Louis Pommery and Narcisse Greno with the primary business being wool trading. Under the guidance of Alexandre’s widow, Louise Pommery, the firm was dedicated to Champagne production and soon became one of the region’s largest Champagne brands. Champagne Pommery was the first house to commercialise a brut Champagne in 1874.

Pommery is currently owned by the Vranken-Pommery Monopole Group (located in Reims), which also owns Heidsieck & Co Monopole and Vranken, Château la Gordonne, Domaine Royal de Jarras, and Rozès in their portfolio.

“Madame Pommery had two words to describe her champagne: cheerful lightness. Pommery stands for delicacy and vivacity, heart and spirit. It is a style full of freshness, with notes that come together like a witty dialogue, remaining on the palate with tender flavours”

Thierry Gasco, 9th Pommery Cellar Director

Domaine Pommery

Quick facts about Champagne Pommery:

  • The grapes are pressed in traditional presses that contain 4,000 kg of grapes, from which 2,550 litres of juice are extracted
  • Initial alcoholic fermentation turns the grape juice contained in the vats into wine, under the action of selected yeasts
  • Several wines made from different varietals, different crus, or different vintages, are blended to create and perpetuate the Pommery style

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